Best answer: What is Chat Noir’s zodiac sign?

And Adrien’s birthday was before Marinette’s. Geminis are born between May 21 – June 21. Leos are born between July 23 – August 23. So it kinda makes sense that Adrien is a Gemini.

What Zodiac is Chat Noir?

Marinette – Pisces :pisces: Ladybug – Aries :aries: Adrien – Cancer :cancer: Cat Noir – Leo :leo: Alya/Rena Rouge – Virgo :virgo: Chole – Aquarius :aquarius: Im planning on making a series after I’ve picked all the characters.

What is Gabriel Agreste zodiac sign?

Date of Birth: December 12th Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Other Names: PA The State Man coming soon replies. Gabriel: Not at that cost Sorry xDD.

What is Adrien Agreste favorite color?

Headcanon: Adrien’s favourite colour is blue. Marinette, being stalkerish self, knew that and that’s why she knitted him a blue scarf. The real reason that Adrien’s favourite colour is blue, being his lovesick self, because his lady’s eyes are blue.

Does Chat Noir die?

Yes, it will happen at end of season 4, but Cat Noir will perish, so Ladybug will have to get his miraculous back from Hawk Moth to make a wish and bring him back at end of season 5.

How old is Adrien Agreste now?

Adrien’s age on his page | Fandom. Now that Marinette is 15, Adrien is 16, ’cause we know he’s older than Marinette and had his birthday way back in S1’s “The Bubbler” (when Marinette was still 13) and was referred to as 14 in S2’s “Gorizilla.”

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