Question: What zodiac sign is more sexually active?

Perhaps this is why they’re one of the signs in the zodiac to have the most frequent sexual encounters, usually averaging out to a few times a week.

What zodiac signs are freaky in bed?

6 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Freakiest In Bed & A Dream Come True For Their Partners

  • Scorpio. © iStock. The sign that has the reputation of being one of the most sexually charged amongst all others. …
  • Taurus. © iStock. …
  • Gemini. © iStock. …
  • Leo. © iStock. …
  • Aries. © iStock. …
  • Sagittarius. © iStock.

Which zodiac signs are perverts?

Horoscope: What are the most perverted zodiac signs in bed

  • SCORPIO. Scorpio personalities are known for their strength and passion in bed. …
  • ARIES. …

Which zodiac sign is the best lover?

Which zodiac signs are the best lovers? The top 3 revealed!

  1. Taurus has been voted the best lover. Governed by Venus, the planet of love, Taurus is without a doubt the most talented partner by far! …
  2. The second-best partner in the bedroom is Libra! …
  3. Scorpio comes in third place!

Which Zodiacs are leaders?

These zodiac signs are natural-born leaders — Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Capricorn, and Scorpio, — and it’s mainly due to them being fearlessly and unapologetically themselves.

Which Zodiacs are freaks?

Zodiac Signs & their freak level

  • Aries: All the way freaky.
  • Taurus: Extra freaky with special people only.
  • Gemini: Freak on the low.
  • Cancer: All the way freaky.
  • Leo: Spontaneous freak.
  • Virgo: Freak on the low.
  • Libra: Sexy freak.
  • Scorpio: Ultimate freak-azoid.
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