What is Joker’s zodiac sign?

The Aquarius sign is known for its humanitarian nature. People born under this sign work hard and even devote their lives and careers to helping others and solving the world’s biggest issues.

Is the Joker a Scorpio?

Scorpio is unrelenting, as the Joker is, violent and dark, one of the signs of war. The 9th house would go to his loftier goal or trying to change the world to fit his own views. It would be square his Venus, making it difficult for him to show affection, and square his Moon, showing the temper.

Which zodiac sign is the stupidest?

Because Pisces is the most suggestible of all the signs. What that means, Pisces, is that you are perceived as one of the dumbest signs of the zodiac, the “go-to schmuck” for gags, pranks and teases. You’re the astrological wimp, the one we all know as “too sensitive” and “too emotional.”

Is Harley Quinn a cancer zodiac?

Cancer – Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel)

Harley Quinn is not harmless let alone guiltless.

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