What zodiac sign is Hinata?

Hinata makes for a perfect Pisces.

What zodiac sign is Hinata Naruto?

Hinata: Capricorn

Born on December 27th, Hinata may seem like she doesn’t quite match the Capricorn zodiac sign, which is very ambitious. Hinata may not want to become a shinobi who takes full responsibility for her village, but she also clearly doesn’t lack ambition in doing the tasks she has been given.

What are the Haikyuu zodiac signs?

Haikyuu!! Birthdays/ Zodiac Signs

  • Aries: Keishin Ukai – April 5th.
  • Taurus: Seako Tanaka – May 5th.
  • Gemini: Shoyo Hinata – June 21st.
  • Cancer: Tooru Oikawa – July 20th.
  • Leo: Morisuke Yaku – August 8th.
  • Virgo: Hitoka Yachi – September 4th.
  • Libra: Yu Nishinoya – October 10th.
  • Scorpio: Tetsuro Kuroo – November 17th.

What zodiac sign is jiraiya?

10 Gemini: Jiraiya

Geminis tend to look at the world with an open mind.

What zodiac sign is Asahi?

6 Libra (September 23-October 22) – Asahi Azumane.

What is Levi’s zodiac sign?

3 Capricorn: Levi Ackerman.

What zodiac sign is Yamaguchi?

His star sign is Scorpio.

Which zodiac sign is Itachi?

8 Itachi Uchiha: Gemini.

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