Best answer: How would you describe Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

At various points throughout Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hermia is a fearful, hopeful, bewildered, and joyful character. Her father, Egeus, and the king, Theseus, tell her that her only choices are to marry the smug Demetrius, become a nun, or die.

How does Helena Describe Hermia?

One important distinction in the characterization of Helena and Hermia is their physical appearance. Helena and Hermia are both said to be beautiful, but they look very different from one another. Helena is depicted as being noticeably taller than Hermia and having lighter colored skin and hair.

How does Lysander Describe Hermia?

Lysander states of Hermia: My love is more than his [Egeus’s]. Lysander also implies he loves Hermia because she is “beauteous,” or beautiful. Helena offers more insights, saying that Lysander loves Hermia for her eyes, her voice, and her fairness.

Is Helena in love with Hermia?

Before the play begins, Helena and Demetrius were in a loving relationship, as were Hermia and Lysander. Everything changed, however, when Demetrius turned his amorous gaze from Helena in order to pursue Hermia. Suddenly, Hermia had two suitors, and Helena had none. Helena is left feeling cast aside and unappealing.

Why does Helena betray Hermia?

Hermia has told Helena that she (Hermia) is going to elope with Lysander. She is doing this to avoid having to marry Demetrius. … So she tells him what Hermia is planning. So the reason why she betrays Hermia’s trust is because she thinks that will make Demetrius like her (Helena) better.

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Are Hermia and Lysander really in love?

The first concept presented of love is its powerlessness, represented by the “true” lovers. Lysander and Hermia are the only characters in the play who are really in love. Yet their love is forbidden, by Hermia’s father and Duke Theseus.

How is Hermia loyal?

Hermia’s other characteristics is that she is loyal to Lysander. She is willing to forsake her title, money, and family for him; which, in fact, is the reason they end up in the woods. She unsuccessfully elopes with him through the woods that night, which proves her loyalty to her love.

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