Best answer: What are Alicia’s dreams and goals for herself?

What are Alicia’s goals and dreams. Alicia wished to get a good education by working hard so that she leave Mango Street and live well on her own. Why does she make the lunches?

What does Alicia represent in House on Mango Street?

Alicia serves as a role model and friend to Esperanza – she’s the one in whom Esperanza confides her feelings of un-belongingness, and who makes Esperanza see that she has a responsibility to her home and community.

What are esperanzas hopes and dreams?

For Esperanza’s Mama and Papa, the idea of happiness and security is summed up in the image of a white house, big enough for their whole family. They pass this dream down to their children, but Esperanza takes it and makes it her own – her dream becomes having a house all to herself, in which she can be free to write.

What are Alicia’s responsibilities at home why?

What are Alicia’s responsibilities at home? Why? Alicia has to wake up early to make tortillas and pack lunches because her mother died. 2.

What do Alicia and Esperanza have in common?

Alicia seems very similar to Esperanza – she is trying to study so she can improve her life, but she is trapped by patriarchal traditions that require her to assume her dead mother’s duties, to act in the way and do the work that their society traditionally believes girls should..

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What does Esperanza say about Alicia?

Esperanza says, ” ( Alicia) is afraid of nothing except four-legged fur.

What gives Esperanza Hope?

Every chapter shows hope being displayed in some form. Esperanza hopes that her family gets a house of their own. … She hopes that she will make something of herself, she hopes that she will escape Mango Street, she hopes that she will not end up like all of the other women on Mango Street, she hopes for a better life.

What is Esperanza American dream?

For esperanza her american dream is to get out of mango street. Something that she wishes for and is certain that when the time comes she will do. The house on mango street by sandra cisneros manifest all the stuggles and hardships latinos go through when they come to this country to try and achieve the american dream.

What was Esperanza’s dream?

Until this point, Esperanza has expressed nothing but a desire to leave her neighborhood, never to return. Now she dreams of letting homeless bums from the neighborhood live with her in her imaginary home away from Mango Street.

What makes Esperanza laugh?

The thought of the mayor coming to Mango Street makes Esperanza laugh. She knows the mayor will never do anything to help the people of Mango Street.

Who are Louie’s cousins?

Louie has an older cousin named Marin who lives with the family. She wears a lot of makeup and black nylons. She’s in charge of babysitting for Louie’s little sisters, which means she’s stuck in the house. One day Louie’s other cousin drives up to Louie’s house in a big, shiny, yellow Cadillac.

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