Best answer: What does it mean when you dream about a dark hallway?

To dream of a hallway represents a transition, change in the way you think, or change in the circumstances of your life as you progress to the next stage. … Negatively, dreaming of being in a hallway may reflect transitions in waking life that are uncertain, difficult, scary, or dangerous.

What do hallways mean in dreams?

A hallway can reveal how various parts (aspects) of you (your house) connect. A hallway can represent a means for the outside world to enter your intimate life.

What does darkness symbolize in dreams?

To dream of darkness represents situations where you feel there is nothing positive happening. Fear, ignorance, injustice, anger, evil, death, or powerful uncertainty. It may also reflect a positive situation that has taken a turn for the worst. Expecting the worst.

What do hallways represent?

Hallways often symbolize the unconscious passageways through which people travel to either life or death. They also represent a new level of consciousness or a new experience, as well as a journey into the unknown. (See also Corridor).

What do corridors mean in dreams?

Obviously dreaming of moving inside a corridor means having a vision of what we are doing in our life that could be a right or wrong thing. If we are doing something that is not correct and does not allow us to be serene with ourselves, then we can dream of walking inside a very dark and light-free corridor.

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What is the spiritual meaning of darkness?

God added light. But for many, darkness symbolizes all that is negative, harmful, evil and fearful. God gave equal importance and prominence to darkness and light, and all life, including human life, begins and develops in the dark.

What is the symbolic meaning of darkness?

Darkness is a symbol of evil or mystery or fear. The darkness is almost a monster waiting to swallow you whole. It is the absence of light. … The emotional response to an absence of light has inspired metaphor in literature, symbolism in art, and emphasis.

What does nighttime symbolize?

Symbolism: A night represents sadness, depression, end of problems, end of the day and endless unhappiness.

What does a tunnel represent?

While tunnels certainly represent journeys, they more often symbolize the passage from one phase of life to another. In its most primal meaning, the tunnel symbolizes the birth canal. Just as a baby evolves and journeys outward, so do characters of a story.

Why do I keep dreaming about tunnel?

To dream of a tunnel represents issues where your mindset is totally focused on one goal or issue. Total preoccupation with ending something or getting something over with. … Positively, dreaming of a tunnel may reflect a high degree of perseverance, hope, or faith when there is no way to see your goals in sight.

What does it mean when you dream about being in a tunnel?

Dreaming of being in a tunnel generally means that you will solve a problem in your waking life or enter a new phase in your life. A tunnel can also be representative of a birth canal so perhaps you yearn for family or have been talking about it lately with your partner.

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