Best answer: What is the meaning behind the song Sweet Dreams?

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” is a famous 1983 single by British music duo Eurythmics. The “sweet dreams” referred to in this track are actually the personal motivators we all have in our individual quests for fulfillment. The recurring theme throughout the song is a never-ending search for contentment.

Why is there a cow in sweet dreams?

The record company said there wasn’t a chorus, so they didn’t see it as a single. But when a radio DJ in Cleveland kept playing it from the album, his studio phones lit up. … So we mocked up a record-company boardroom in a studio in Wardour Street and put a cow in it, to signify reality.

Who wrote the lyrics for sweet dreams?

Don Gibson wrote this song while he was working as a songwriter for Acuff-Rose publishing. It became his first hit as a songwriter when Faron Young recorded it, taking it to #2 on the Country chart in 1956.

Who sings Sweet dreams are made of these Who am I to disagree?

What key is sweet dreams in?

Who covered sweet dreams?


Title Performer Release date
Sweet Dreams DJ Scott featuring Lorna B. 1995
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Annie Lennox 1995
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Marilyn Manson 1995
Sweet Dreams Swing feat. Dr. Alban 1995
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