Did dream or techno win?

Results. Technoblade won the duel, winning six times, while Dream had won four times.

Who is better Tecno or Dream?

Both are better in their own rights. Dream is a speedrunner and there for is a master at traps and wits. But, Technoblade is a master at PVP fighting, which is why Techno was able to wreck Dream in all of their duels. He is considered the best Minecraft player cause of survival.

How does Technoblade win?

The team won first place with 1,892 points, setting a record for the highest number of points gained by any team on any Minecraft Monday. Technoblade also won first place individually with 1,080 points, beating the highest individual record of the event. Additionally, he received the [PIG+++] rank on Hypixel.

Did techno and Dream split the 100k?

Techno & I agreed to split the money regardless of who won before the duel to try and take some pressure off and allow us to enjoy it more, just to clarify.

Is Technoblade a Millionaire?

Technoblade Net Worth – $4.8 Million

Technoblade is an American YouTube content creator based in San Francisco, California whose real name is Dave. He has an estimated net worth of $4.8 million.

Who is the best Bedwars player?

gamerboy80 IS THE BEST!!! BEST BEDWARS PLAYER IS gamerboy80!!!

  • gamerboy80.
  • purpled.
  • technoblade.
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