Did dream sans eat the apple?

After his brother ate all 999 fruits from the tree and became corrupted, Dream set out on a mission to protect the rest of the people from his brother. … The villagers came and yelled and attacked him, and out of fear, he ate all the apples on the tree.

Did Dream sans eat the negative Apple?

The living mass of negativity that now replaced him acted upon his thoughts to the extreme, killing anyone that was close as means of revenge. In a frantic attempt to protect the last golden apple from him, Dream was forced to eat it.

Does Dream Sans have a soul?

Dream! Sans was created from the light excluded by the tree of dreams, better known as the tree of feelings. Even though his name is Sans, he’s rather called Dream, named after the tree that gave him life. Dream has no monster or human soul.

Why does error Sans hate being touched?

Error has haphephobia (the fear of being touched), and is therefore very hesitant to get physically close to anyone. At random intervals he can glitch up, filling his eye sockets with errors, giving him a major disadvantage if he’s in battle.

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