Frequent question: What is the dream in between the world and me?

Between the World and Me demonstrates how the American Dream is built on the enslavement of the African people and their oppression by violent means. Coates first mentions the Dream when he says that the television news host asks him to “awaken her from the most gorgeous dream” by inquiring about his body.

What is the American Dream in between the world and me?

Traditionally, the American Dream refers to the idea that, due to the freedom and equality of opportunity built into the foundation of the country, anyone can achieve prosperity in the US as long as they work hard enough. Coates’ version of this story is notably different.

Who can experience the dream?

Only white people (with rare exceptions) are able to experience the Dream. The Dream is based on excluding black people and on denying the fact that black people don’t have the same opportunities as white people.

Who is between the world and me written to?

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