How does Brahmins dream come true?

Behrman was a sixty year old painter. His lifelong dream was to paint a masterpiece. It does come true when he paints a leaf such that it looks extremely natural. He painted the last leaf left on a creeper.

How did barons dream come true?

Behrman dream comes true because the painting of leaf he made helped save Johnsy’s life.

How does Behrman’s dream get materialized?

Answer: Behrman had a dream to paint a masterpiece in his life. He kept waiting for the opportunity to give it a practical shape. Yes, he could materialize his dream when he painted the last leaf of the ivy creeper.

What was Brahmins dream class 9th?

Behrman had a lifelong dream to paint a masterpiece. Behrman painted the last leaf to save Johnsy’s life. His painted leaf succeeded in reviving Johnsy’s faith in life.

What was Behrams dream?

Behrman’s dream is to paint a Masterpiece. This dream does come true but only with his death. He Paints an Ivy leaf on a wall. … He catches pneumonia and dies.

What was Behrman’s lifelong dream?

Ans.: Behrman was a sixty year old painter. His lifelong dream was to paint a masterpiece.

What lesson does the Brahmins dream teach you?

While doing so, he hit the clay pot with the stick, the pot broke and all the contents spilled over him. The Brahmin woke up to find that he was dreaming the whole situation. All his dreams got crushed at once. Moral of the story: We should not build castles in the air.

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How did Behrman’s Dream fulfill his dream?

Behrman’s dream was to paint a masterpiece. He fulfilled his dream by paining his masterpiece, i.e., the last leaf on the ivy tree. The leaf looked very real and it saved Johnsy’s life.

What was Behrman’s masterpiece *?

Behrman’s masterpiece was the ivy leaf he painted the night the last leaf on the creeper fell. The leaf looked green and healthy like a natural leaf.

What is Johnsy’s dream?

He was a sixty-year-old painter. His lifelong dream was to paint a masterpiece but that had remained a dream. Sue poured out her worries to Behrman. She told him how Johnsy was convinced that she would die when the last leaf fell.

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