Question: What does a basement symbolize in a dream?

To dream of a basement represents your deepest darkest thoughts, emotions, and memories. … A situation or memory that is so negative that you can’t forget it or think about anything else. Alternatively, a basement may reflect the worsening of a problem or trouble that you are overwhelmed by.

What does it mean to dream of water in the basement?

Basement Flooding Dream

You might be surprised that flooding in the basement is a common theme. These dreams are very symbolic that directs your attention to your unconscious emotions. … Often times these are emotions related to fears, anger, disgust, shame, guilt and sadness; that still resides at the back of your mind.

What does it mean to dream about house foundation?

To dream of the foundation of a home or building represents your core or fundamental strengths. … To dream of laying the foundation of a home or building represents important first steps being taken to insure stability for the long term. Getting yourself well prepared before making a big decision.

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What does concrete symbolize in dreams?

To dream of concrete represents ideas, plans, or situations that are permanent. A solid foundation or absolutely knowing that something in your life can’t fail. An area of your life where there is absolute certainty. Confidence in a situation or relationship that doesn’t go away.

What does a house represent in a dream?

To see a house in your dream represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the unconscious, etc. If the house is empty, then it indicates feelings of insecurity.

What does a basement mean spiritually?

The biblical meaning of the basement in dream exhibit strategic and darkest thoughts, sensations, and remembrance. A basement dream meaning indicates towards problems that you can get rid of or issues that are not very pleasant to be a given though or brooding about.

What do stairs mean in a dream?

✩ Dreams about stairs are a strong sign of personal growth. Stairs may indicate the action of walking or climbing, which involves their contact with our feet. This is a strong sign of transition or a change at a very personal level. Growth in terms of knowledge or spirituality is also associated with staircases.

What do buildings represent in dreams?

The building symbolises stability, each floor, and each room represents a stage of your life, what you build and what you achieve in life. These buildings can symbolise the beliefs that you have formed based on your personal experience.

What does it mean to dream about buying makeup?

Dream of buying makeup

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When you dream of buying cosmetics, this shows that you will find good people. These are people you already know, or maybe you will make new friends who will be relevant to your life.

What does it mean to dream of an unfinished house?

The dream vision of an unfinished house indicates: the dreamer needs moral improvement. … This dream means you should get rid of unnecessary and old things that hinder the movement forward in waking life.

What does wet concrete mean in a dream?

When you used cement to build walls, this dream signifies excellent productivity and change in the future. You will see how everything will turn into new opportunities. > When you stepped on the wet cement, this dream signifies that someone is bothering your family.

What does concrete symbolize?

Tupac uses symbolism concrete symbolizes the ghetto in which he belonged. The poem, therefore symbolizes the poet’s own life. Metaphor: A metaphor is that figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object to which it is not literally applicable.

What does it mean to dream of a wet floor?

Water On The Floor Dream Meaning. Seeing a dream about your place flooded with water is a symbol of sudden feelings, emotions and events. According to Miller, muddy water on the floor predicts problems and illness; crystal clear water promises happiness and great health.

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