Question: What does the mother do in the poet’s dream?

How did the poet’s mother treat the dreams?

the poet’s mother treats the dreamers with honour.

What does the poet dream of Class 9?

The poet dreams about his mother and the way she used to tuck him in bed. The poet’s dream of his mother reminds him of his childhood days.

What did the poet see in his dream?

What does the poet see in his dreams? Answer: The. poet sees magnified apples appearing and disappearing in his dreams.

What are the poet’s feelings about her mother?

Answer: Kamala Das mother is old and pale and her health is deteriorating. So, the poet feels a familiar pain, which is one of her constant fears that she might lose her mother. She has an ache inside her heart that she might not be able to see her mother again.

Who are darling dreamers in the poem?

Explanation: Darling Dreamers” refers to the poet and his siblings when they were children and had sweet dreams. They were loved by their mother and so, were her ‘darlings’.

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How did the mother gaze at the dreamers?

(c) How did the poet’s mother gaze at the dreamers? Answer: The poet’s mother gazes her sleeping children with fondness.

Where is the poet going in the dream?

The poet is going beyond the Earth in his dream.

What type of world does the poet dream of?

Answer: The poet says that he dreams of a world where no man will ever tease or discriminate against other men. The other men are no other but the Blacks.

Why does the poet call it the strangest dream?

Answer: Whenever the poet has a dream, he calls it ‘strangest’ because he dreams situations that are not realistic and rather, the opposite is the reality.

What does the poet dream of when it rains?

while listening to the sound of the rain falling on the roof,the poet dreamt of several fancies. He was lost in recollecting his old memories. He dreamt of his mother who paid attention to her children before leaving them in the morning.

Why does the poet say echo in the heart?

Every raindrop that falls on the tin roof produces an echo in the poet’s heart. … With every patter sound of raindrops, the poet relives his childhood memories. He correlates his sweet memories and imaginations to the sound of rain.

What does the poet dream of when he listens the patter of the rain?

When he hears the pattering of rain drops, the sweet memories of his childhood evaporate in his heart. He becomes nostalgic and remembers his mother.

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