What did Eret do in Dream SMP?

Eret went on multiple building projects, building a museum, a café, and a stone pyramid. Eret went exploring on the SMP and found a stronghold with an end portal.

What did Eret do?

Alastair, known on social media as Eret or TheEret, is a British gamer and social media star best known for his Minecraft streams. … He posts primarily gaming content, particularly in relation to Minecraft.

Who was the traitor in the Dream SMP?

As chaos broke out on the server, with Techno beginning to kill everyone he could get his hands on, Dream taunted Tommy, telling him that there had been a traitor, and that it was Wilbur although Tommy didn’t believe him.

How many lives does Eret have on the Dream SMP?

Though the Dream SMP server itself is in regular survival and players can easily respawn after death, the three lives system was put into place because of the storytelling being done and a need to legitimize death on the server.

Is the Dream SMP scripted?

Some of it is scripted and planned out, driving a larger story, but many of the reactions and circumstances are totally improvised. Like a television show or cinematic universe, Dream SMP found its audience through a series of never-ending epic battles.

Is the Dream SMP war over?

The Disc Saga finally came to a close on the 20th of January, 2021, with Tommy regaining both Cat and Mellohi, and Dream serving in Pandora’s Vault. The Disc War is the longest conflict on the SMP to date.

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