What does Amanda dream to be in the poem Amanda?

To this, Amanda imagines herself as a mermaid swimming freely and joyously in the light green sea. She wants to live a calm and relaxing life in the beautiful green sea. Further her mother drags Amanda out of her dreams by asking whether she cleans her room and shoes or not.

What is Amanda’s dream?

Explanation: her dream was that she wants to get freedom like the mermaids described in the POEM.. and also wanted to get of from her parents advices to do things in every needs…

Why is Amanda day dreaming?

To this, Amanda imagines herself as a mermaid who lives a calm and relaxing life in the beautiful green sea. Further, she is nagged for not cleaning her room and shoes and also for not doing her homework. She then imagines herself to be an orphan because she is now fed up of being watched by her parents continuously.

Why does she dream to be an orphan?

Explanation: She imagines herself as an orphan roaming the street because she is exasperated with all the lessons in proper behaviour that are thrown at her all the time. She feels that silence is golden and tastes the sweetness of freedom where she is not told to do things.

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Which characters does Amanda dream to be?

Amanda wishes to be a mermaid so she could drift alone by blissfully languid, emerald sea. She yearns to be an orphan so that she is able to roam the sea and make pattern using her bare feet. Being Rapunzel means she could live carefree on a high tower.

What does Amanda dream about and why?

Amanda dream to be an orphan because she want to live a life with no restrictions. This is because of her mother who always nag her. EXPLANATION: In a poem named ‘Amanda’ written by Robin Klein, a girl will be always nagged by her mother.

What does Amanda imagine herself to be?

Answer: (i) Amanda imagines herself to be a mermaid so that she may drift in the silent sea and enjoy the loneliness and peace there. She yearns for freedom. (ii) She wishes to be an orphan so that she may play bare feet in the dust without receiving several instructions or scolding.

Why does Amanda want Rapunzel?

Rapunzel is a beautiful princess living in a tranquil tower. She has beautiful long hair. She feels she will never let down her hair from the tower. Amanda wants to be Rapunzel to live a peaceful life in a tower where no one gives any instruction and she does not have to do any work.

Is Amanda at fault at all?

Answer : Amanda is not at fault at all. It is too harsh for a small child to understand the concept of acne and not eating a chocolate. … There is nothing worst for a child who wishes to be an orphan.

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What should Amanda not to do to her shoulders?

Explanation: Amanda is asked not to bite her nails, not to hunch her shoulders and not to eat chocolate. She is asked to sit up straight, to finish her homework, to tidy her room and to clean her shoes. In fact, she is constantly asked to do this or not to do that.

What would Amanda do if she were an orphan?

If she were a mermaid, then she wanted to drift slowly on a calm sea where she would be the only inhabitant. She even goes on to imagine if she were an orphan. In that case, she would roam about the street in silence and freedom.

What kind of life can Amanda live if she becomes an orphan?

Amanda thinks that orphan leads a carefree life and there is no one to pester them with instructions. She can wonder in streets and make patterns with the soft dust with her bare feet. She does not have to clean her room and shoes like she does in her home.So,because of following reasons she desires to be an orphan.

Would you call Amanda a disrespectful child?

ANS: Yes, we can call Amanda a disrespectful child.

How does Amanda feel?

She feels that Amanda is always moody and keeps on behaving like that she must stop sulking and feeling unhappy. Otherwise, people will think that Amanda is unhappy because her mother is always nagging at her.

What type of life does Amanda wish for?

Amanda feels that her freedom has been curtailed. She is leading a controlled life under constant nagging. She wishes for a life free from all the restrictions. She wants to lead a life like a fairy, a mermaid or an orphan.

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