What does Clay mean in a dream?

To work with clay in your dream represents feelings about an area of your life that you would like to change if you could. Positively, clay in a dream represents creativity, flexibility and the ability to mold yourself or others into a situation.

What does red clay mean in a dream?

Dream of red clay

Red is the color of passion! This dream shows romance and satisfaction in your or future relationship; your feelings will be in harmony.

What does mud means in a dream?

If you see mud in a dream, it means that you will fight for survival. In the following period, you will feel jeopardized because aspirants for your work place could appear. The effort you have been investing for years, could become vain overnight.

What does mud represent spiritually?

Rain is a good sign, but mud symbolizes insecurity. It means there is abundant blessing on you, but you are emotionally or spiritually reluctant to accept it.

What does it mean to dream of pottery?

To dream of pottery represents sensitive feelings about maintaining a pleasant situation. Not wanting to be careless with others feelings after making up. Not wanting to embarrass or anger someone because it makes life a lot easier for you.

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What do dreams really look like?

Most dreams are predominantly visual, meaning that images are at the forefront of dreams, rather than other senses like smell or touch. While most people dream in color, some dreams are entirely in black and white. The less stressed you are, the more pleasant your dreams may be.

What does walking in mud mean in a dream?

To dream of mud represents difficulties, disturbances, burdens, or messy situations. A “messy sticky” situation. To dream of walking in mud represents a situation, problem, or relationship that is weighing you down or complicating your life. Noticing how negative or complicated a situation is all the time.

What does walking barefoot in mud mean in a dream?

When Dream Interpretation Walking Barefoot In Mud is something that seems normal, this symbolizes that the dreamer has a strong personality. On a different side, it also develops into nightmares, and this is a sign of bad news in the future, this is also the temptation of bad energy around the dreamer.

What does muddy water represent?

Idiom: ‘Muddy the waters’

Meaning: If somebody muddies the waters, he or she makes the situation more complex or less clear.

What does it mean to dream of muddy shoes?

Dirt On Shoes Dream Meaning

The dirt on shoes will not make you happy either in reality or in a dream, because it means annoying blunders and failures. According to Miller, dirt on the shoes means problems in life – you will be critically unlucky in all matters related to household and personal life.

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What is the biblical meaning of water in dreams?


In Biblical picture, water represent the symbol of the Holy Spirit. It can also represent the glory or power of God. Water heals, cleanses, energizes and purifies the souls.

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