What does it mean to dream about a broken bridge?

Broken bridge: A break in a relationship or connection. To drive off into space suggests a totally unexpected and emotional difficult situation. This is also a warning to watch out for difficulties ahead. When you dream of crossing a bridge, it can easily indicate a number of things are going to change in your life.

What do bridge represent in dreams?

In dreams, bridges serve as symbols of transition stages in life and the connection between the conscious and the unconscious. Dreams involving bridges can also be signs of approaching danger, emotional troubles as well as confidence and advancement.

What does a bridge mean spiritually?

The bridge is inherently symbolic of communication and union, whether it be between heaven and earth or two distinct realms. For this reason it can be seen as the connection between God and Man. It may be the passage to reality, or merely a symbol for travel and crossing.

What does it mean to dream about crossing a bridge over water?

To dream that you are crossing a bridge represents a transition, important decision or a critical junction in your life. A change is on the horizon. Bridges represent a transitional period in your life. If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will confronting negativity of some sort.

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Is it good to see water in dreams?

Water dreams are common, and they carry deep, primal significance. Of all the dream symbols, water seems to be the universal sign of subconscious thoughts and emotions. … Drowning in the water is one of the most common ways people fear dying, but consuming water is also necessary for life and health.

What is the biblical meaning of water in dreams?


In Biblical picture, water represent the symbol of the Holy Spirit. It can also represent the glory or power of God. Water heals, cleanses, energizes and purifies the souls.

Why are bridges so important?

#1 – Bridges are a critical component of a nation’s infrastructure, making it possible to ship raw materials and finished goods to factories, warehouses, suppliers, distributors, stores, and end-consumers. Bridges also facilitate travel so consumers can purchase goods and services in their own communities and beyond.

What does crossing a bridge mean?

Deal with a situation when, and not before, it occurs. For example, If we can’t sell the house—well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. The ultimate origin of this proverb, a caution not to anticipate trouble and often put as don’t cross a bridge till you come to it, has been lost.

What does it mean when you dream about walking on a bridge?

To dream where you are walking on the bridge indicates you are on the path of progress. Perhaps your battles are causing stagnancy in your life. So, if you often see walking on a bridge means you are getting out of your trouble. … To walk on a bridge means that you are trying to escape from something in life.

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What does a car represent in a spiritual dream?

The spiritual meaning of cars in dreams renders the capability to efficiently make decisions under any situation or to an extent in which you feel the decisions of your life. Driving a car signifies how skilled you are at managing any situation.

What does a broken plate mean?

A broken plate promises good luck in affairs. But the crack on her day foreshadows trouble. This may be a disease of a close relative or financial problems. The cup turning into fragments means that the house will be peace and family well-being, the unmarried girl will meet a guy who will love her.

What does it mean when you dream of someone breaking your bones?

To dream of someone breaking your bones

The problem lies in the fact that you have let them manipulate your feelings, so you have a hard time deciding what is the truth and what is not.

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