What does it mean to dream about an evil cat?

To see a mad cat in a dream, to become its victim is a symbol of impending troubles. The dream means that someone wishes you evil. If you dreamed of an aggressive cat, you should not get upset and panic – what you see is just a warning. … To see a home pet in an aggressive state is not often seen in a dream.

What does cat symbolize in a dream?

A dream feline may be a symbol for someone in your life who is “catty” or malicious. Being scratched by a cat in a dream suggests that you feel threatened. Dreaming that you cannot find your cat is a metaphor for your independent spirit, and that you feel someone or something is holding you back from being free.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about cats?

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of cats. Spiritually, dreaming of cats symbolizes intuition and wisdom. It represents an independent mindset, power to excel difficulties, vulnerability, bad luck, falsehood, and malicious intent of the people around you.

What color cat is good luck?

The original white colour is to get good luck and overall good fortune, while black is to ward off evil, red is for good health, yellow or gold is for wealth, and pink is for romance.

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What does cats mean in a dream biblically?

Dream Bible – Dream Interpretation of Cats. To dream of a cat symbolizes an illusion, delusion, or feeling good about something that can’t be proven. A false belief that you’ve convinced yourself is true or a need to feel good that lacks objectivity. A belief in something that’s unprovable.

What does a dream about a cat biting you mean?

“The cat in your dream is some part of you or something or someone that directly affects you,” Loewenberg says. … A playful cat could mean you are having a lot of fun in that department, while a biting or scratching cat can be a warning from your subconscious that what you are engaging” in could not be good for you .

What does it mean to dream a cat bites you?

What is the dream of a cat biting you? The dream interpretation says: do not expect anything good. Problems at work and in business will begin, enemies will become more active, someone close to you will let you down. … The dream interpretation suggests that negative influences prevailed in the dreamer’s life.

What does the Bible say about cats?

While cats as companions aren’t mentioned in the Bible, they (and pets in general) are mentioned in other Christian teachings. In the Middle Ages, cats became associated with the Virgin Mary and came to be used as icons of the Annunciation.

What do big cats mean in dreams?

What do these nightmares/dreams consist of? They involve big cats: lions, tigers, panthers, pumas, cheetahs, leopards. … The big cats represent my ‘demons’, as it were. They represent the state of my mental health; symbolising something I am struggling with consciously.

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