What does it mean to dream about your house catching on fire?

Our house or home often represents us or our family. Dreaming that our house is on fire may indicate large changes that are coming and uncertainty over those changes. It may also reflect tumultuous personal emotions, loss of mental peace, or being overwhelmed by strong feelings.

What does a burning house symbolize?

The most common dream one might see is their house burning. Usually the house represents “you.” Therefore, a burning house indicates an impending personal transformation. If you see a person burning, it indicates that you have strong feelings or emotions towards that person.

What does it mean when you dream of something catching fire?

Dreaming of fire could indicate that you’re angry about something or you might be feeling that a situation is getting out of control. … Fire dreams may also be meant as a warning that you’re headed into danger and need to be wary.

What does crying mean in a dream?

If you see yourself crying in your dream, then it could mean that you wish to express your feelings to someone or people in general. This could be suppressed anger, grief, joy, agony or ecstasy etc. … And if that is not the case, such dreams could also suggest that you are depressed.

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What does fire symbolize?

“Fire represents many things to many people and cultures. It is recognized as a purifier, a destroyer and as the generative power of life, energy and change. It represents illumination and enlightenment, destruction and renewal, spirituality and damnation” (Varner).

Is it good or bad to see fire in dream?

Fire raging in your dream indicates that someone in your life is trying to extinguish your life force or energy. Fire represents the power of light over darkness, and it is generally a favourable symbol to dreamer. It offers prosperity and fortune.

What does it mean to dream of fire in the sky?

Dream about fire may symbolize passion, destruction, the light of life, purity, or perhaps anger. … If you are not afraid of fire, then this is reflecting yourself. Fire is a symbol of energy and can also represent motivation.

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