What does it mean to dream of herbs?

Seeing herbs in dreams indicates an attachment to health usually with beneficial warnings or instructions. … Here, you’ll need to improve your health by eating fine and taking care of your body. It is a signal that slowing down will help work things out to start living healthier.

What do plants symbolize in dreams?

To dream of a plants represents a slowly progressing development in your life. Ideas, plans, or hard work that will take time to realize the full potential of. … People who are experiencing slow or long term healing often dream of plants. Parents may dream of watering plants to reflect nurturing their growing children.

What does it mean to dream of greenery?

Dreaming of beautiful nature is a good sign. You have a lot of thoughts budding in your mind if you see greenery in your dream. … Nature represents happiness, blossoming or budding ideas, new beginnings in life, new projects, opportunities, natural things, recovery from health related problems and your personal ‘nature.

What does it mean to dream of rosemary?

When you dream about rosemary, it indicates that you are determined to fight for your happiness in life. … A dream about rosemary symbolizes unhappiness in families ranging from family members’ indifferences and bad attitudes.

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What do spices mean in dreams?

To dream of spice means that you need more variety during your waking hours. … Hot spices can signify sexual arousal so maybe you are willing to experiment more with your lover between the sheets. Or perhaps you are yearning for your lover to take the initiative and spice up your love life for you.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of trees?


A tree represent life and the leaves of a tree stands for family. A tree is not just a destiny, it is a sign of fruitfulness. The root of a tree represent one’s foundation (Psalm 11:3). In the Bible, tree means a blessing to man.

What does Brown mean in a dream?

The color brown in dreams is usually represented as the dreamer seeking physical comforts through food, sleep, sex etc. Dirty brown color meanings in dreams include illness, whereas natural wooden brown colors means that there is a concern about the home, family, children or a search for one’s roots and true self.

What does it mean to see aloe vera in dream?

Aloe Dream Meaning. Dream interpretation state that this plant seen in a dream portends good health, gaining authority, leadership position, the justification of hope. But at the same time such symbol warns of adverse changes, unexpected dismissal, overcoming difficulties.

What is the meaning of taking medicine in a dream?

To dream about medicine suggests that you have found a solution to a problem in your life. … Medicine can also represent things that balance or heal you when you are going through a period of bad health or uncertain time for instance.

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