What does it mean to eat yam porridge in the dream?

To see yam in your dream signifies happiness, and family visitation. Tubers of yam symbolize fruitfulness and productivity. If you dream that the head of the yam is cut away, then it means attack on your head. … Alternatively, Eating that same yam in the dream means evil dedication.

What does eating porridge in a dream mean?

Dream Interpretation: Oatmeal/Porridge

To dream about oatmeal or porridge suggests that you are about to enter into some situations that will make you feel down to earth or more grounded than you are. … Along the same vein- the dream might be a sign that you need to simplify some area of your life.

What does dreaming about yams mean?

To dream of yams represents feelings of effort taken to show love or caring. Negatively, yams may reflect feeling of excessive supportiveness, unwanted gestures of love, or feeling that you have to care about people more than you want to. …

What is the meaning of eating in a dream?

Meaning of eating in dreams. In general, food in dreams symbolizes well-being and prosperity. The amount of food we dream of, its quality might be a sign of the increase in wealth in the future or its decrease if the food is not tasty. … A food on a table might symbolize who our life looks like.

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What do oats symbolize?

Symbolism: Oats represent kindness, health, nutrition, wellness, improvement, finances and treasures. If you dream of a pile of oats, it indicates some sort of a hidden treasure. … Dreaming of eating a bowl of oatmeal means that you are accepting all the good changes in yourself.

What means of porridge?

(pɒrɪdʒ , US pɔːr- ) uncountable noun. Porridge is a thick sticky food made from oats cooked in water or milk and eaten hot, especially for breakfast.

What does yam represent spiritually?

Yam is symbolic of good luck and prosperity, inner strength, good health and wellbeing. The reflective meaning is: Your thoughts and actions towards people you care about or feel close to- Maybe there’s someone in particular, that you feel the need to prove yourself to or make more effort towards.

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