What does it mean when you dream about someone gaining weight?

What does it mean when you dream about putting on weight? In case you have suddenly become a massive hit in your social circle, and some people have started showering you with attention, then you could see yourself gaining weight in your dream. It could mean that you are commanding respect, power or appreciation.

What does it mean when you have a dream about someone?

Dreaming about someone means you are feeling lonely, sad, or used. You deeply miss someone, but they do not have the same feelings. You struggle with moving on from this person and think about them constantly. You wish they could be back in your life so everything would return to normal.

What does it mean when you dream about someone being skinny?

Why does one dream of human thinness? In a dream, it is a warning symbol of illness, disappointment, loss, and poverty. Sometimes seeing skinny person is only a reflection of the fear of losing something important and valuable. … The dream interpretation predicts deterioration in health and current situation.

What does fat symbolize?

Abstract. Past civilisations saw excess body fat as a symbol of wealth and prosperity as the general population struggled with food shortages and famine. Nowadays it is recognised that obesity is associated with co-morbidities such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Is it true that if you dream of someone they dream of you?

The superstition says that dreaming of someone means that you are thinking of you. In most cases, this is not true. The person appeared because you think about them a lot and not the other way around. The reason why this superstition still exists is because of coincidences.

What are my dreams trying to tell me?

Dreams tell you what you really know about something, what you really feel. They point you toward what you need for growth, integration, expression, and the health of your relationships to person, place and thing. … When we talk about our dreams coming true, we’re talking about our ambitions.

What does it mean to dream about someone sick?

If you dream of a friend being sick, that means you have to get closer to your friend. It aims to understand the problem you are facing right now and find ways to help you get out of trouble. If possible, try to remember precisely about your friend in the dream.

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