What is another way to say sweet dreams?

35 »sleep tight exp.rest, night
7 »nice dreams exp.
6 »beautiful dreams exp.
6 »pleasant dreams exp.
5 »gonna say good night exp.

How do you wish sweet dreams?

Romantic good night messages for her.

Wishing you the sweetest dreams as you drift off to sleep. Good night my love.” “Every day I spend with you is the new best day of my life. Sleep well and sweet dreams.”

How do you describe Sweet dreams?

—used to express good wishes for pleasant dreams when someone is going to sleep “Good night and sweet dreams.”

What is a synonym for having a good dream?

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10 »beautiful dream exp.
4 »sweet dreams exp.
3 »dream n.
2 »aim n.
2 »amazing dream exp.

How do you say goodnight in unique way?

The following are some cute ways to say good night to your loved ones:

  1. Goodnight, the love of my life!
  2. Goodnight and sweet dreams.
  3. It’s time to ride the rainbow to dreamland.
  4. Night night.
  5. Can’t wait to wake up next to you!
  6. Sleep tonight.
  7. I’ll dream of you tonight and see you tomorrow, my true love.

Is it flirting to say sweet dreams?

You can say “Sweet dreams”, “Night my love”, “Good night darling”, “Good night sweetheart”. You could also be flirty and tell him you wish he was in bed with you or talk about how you want to cuddle.

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Can a girl say sweet dreams to a guy?

It’s both appropriate and kind to say “sweet dreams” at the end of the night. You wish your partner goodnight, good sleep, and pleasant dreams, conveying that you are thinking about their wellbeing. … “Sweet dreams” is a good night text for her or him.

What does Sweet dreams mean from a girl?

It means that she hopes you sleep well and have sweet dreams. Generally speaking, most people send “sweet dreams” to express their desire for intimacy, especially when they send it to someone they do not know well.

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