What is Lennie’s dream job?

George and Lennie’s dream for the future is to one day own a farm with lots of rabbits. Lennie dreams of taking care of the rabbits and other animals, and George hopes this dream comes true so that he can lead a “better” life.

What will be Lennie’s job on the ranch of their dreams?

What will Lennie’s job be when he and George get their land? Feed alfalfa to the rabbits.

What is Lennie job?

George and Lennie are migrant farm workers. This means that they travel from farm to farm, hiring themselves out as temporary labor. Usually, migrant workers travel along with the seasons of the crops.

What is Lennie’s dream and why is it important?

George and Lennie’s dream for their future is to own their own farm, be their own boss, and that Lennie would tend rabbits. Their dream is to own a farm and have a lot of rabbits. This dream is an extrememly important aspect of the book, because it is what makes Lennie and George’s friendship unique.

Why does George kill Lennie?

George kills Lennie to spare him from a painful death at the hands of the mob. … George knows Curley will not care that Lennie’s actions were unintentional and decides to give Lennie a quick and merciful death to spare him from the suffering he would endure if left to Curley and the other farmhands.

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Is George and Lennie’s dream realistic?

In John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie’s dream of owning their own place is not realistic, but a wishful hope for the future. … Steinbeck used this novel to illustrate that the lower class had tremendous problems just surviving, and that the middle class was not alone in its economic troubles.

What is Lennie’s disability?

Lennie has a mental disability, making him dependent upon George to manage day to day life in the difficult environment in which they live and work. Lennie is physically very strong (so his name is ironic), but cannot control himself, leading to escalating acts of accidental violence through the book.

At what level is Lennie functioning?

Examine Lennie’s use of language and thinking. At what approximate age level is he functioning? He functions like a little child (ages 4-7); he is forgetful, a crybaby, he stutters, and doesn’t have a wide-range vocabulary.

What was Candy’s dream?

Candy’s American Dream was to accompany George and Lennie on their journey to have their own land, and tend to farm animals.

What is a Jerkline Skinner?

Jerkline Skinner: Lead driver of a team of mules. Stable Buck: A derogatory name for an African-American man who works in the stables.

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