What is the meaning of seeing Cactus in dream?

Some people say that cactus represents a cold and lonely person. You may also ignore your social or family relationships. On the other hand, the plant also shows your desire to prevent others from harming you. You want to avoid your enemies to touch you, or you want to protect your weakness.

What does it mean when you dream about cactus?

To dream of a cactus

Dreaming of a cactus symbolizes damage because of recklessness. You will probably not pay attention to obligations in the following period, but you will leave them for later. Since you will not do many of them on time, you will face losses in interests that you will have a hard time paying off.

What does it mean if you dream about cactus needles?

Dreaming about cactus needle or spines, symbolizes that you need to establish a boundary of your personal space and privacy. Perhaps you feel that someone has been invading your personal safe space, which makes you feel uncomfortable. Your subconscious is trying to setup self-defenses towards the outside world.

What does it mean to dream about being in a desert?

To dream of a desert represents a situation that is totally uncaring or unconcerned about your feelings or happiness. It reflects something in your life that is cold, meaningless, unenjoyable, or lack respect. Feeling empty inside or that nobody cares about you. … Feelings about a situation being barren, or stark.

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What do you call a cactus lover?

Xerophile: From the Greek, xeros meaning dry and philos meaning loving. … When word gets around that you’re a cactus (and xerophile) enthusiast people have a tendency to give you cactus-related items of varying degrees of kitschiness.

What is the meaning of a cactus tattoo?

The word cactus originally came from the Greek word “Kaktos” for plants with spiny thistles. Cactus grows in very dry areas specially in the deserts. However, in general Cactus tattoo represents endurance, protection, warmth and care.

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