What year did Dreaming of you come out?

Who finished Dreaming of You?

Recording sessions for Dreaming of You began in December 1994; Selena recorded four tracks slated for the album. On March 31, 1995, she was shot dead by Yolanda Saldívar, the former manager of her Selena Etc.

Track listing.

No. Title Length
15. “Dreaming of You” (music video) 5:24

What is the meaning of Dreaming of You?

1. To fantasize about someone or something, especially doing something as one’s goal or ambition. I’ve dreamed of being an astronaut since I was eight years old. I’ve dreamed of this moment. I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

Who wrote Missing My Baby?

Who originally wrote I could fall in love with you?

What movie is I could fall in love in?

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