Your question: What does it mean to dream about taking care of someone else’s baby?

Babies in dream are usually symbolic. They represent a relationship with something in our life that we are taking care and working on. Since the baby was some one else’s. Than the dream is showing how you are having to be responsible and take care of other people’s duties.

What does it mean when you dream about someone else’s child?

If you are dreaming of someone else’s child, that warns of a verbal conflict with a loved one. There are many malicious people in your surroundings who can’t wait to tell you all about unchecked rumors they heard just so that they would cause problems in your relationship or marriage.

What does it mean when you dream about a baby that’s not yours?

These may indicate a need for comfort and nurturing, a feeling of helplessness, or the avoidance of a responsibility. Dreams about taking care of a baby that isn’t your own. These dreams could be a metaphor for a project or plan you’re working on and care about.

What does it mean if you see a child in your dream?

To see your real life children in a dream represents ideas, habits, or developments that have potential. An area of your life that you are encouraging or feel supportive of. … Negatively, dreaming of children may reflect feelings about yourself or others being helpless. Powerlessness to overcome big challenges.

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What does a child symbolize?

The child represents innocence, purity, wonder, receptivity, freshness, noncalculation, the absence of narrow ambition and purpose. As yet innocent of life, the child portrays the beginning, the origin of all. It symbolizes a primordial unity, before differentiation has taken place.

What is the meaning of small child in dream?

The spiritual meaning of children in dreams is that it represents our inner child and how it is feeling. Children are often referred to as friendly and cuddly little creatures. Dream about children indicates a new opportunity and a new side of your personality. This dream can be a picture of our childish behaviour.

What does it mean when you see a little boy in your dream?

The meaning of the dream symbol: Boy. … For instance, little boys are associated with innocence, childhood, care and concerns. However, seeing a relatively bigger boy may convey your growth in life, relationships and career. Try to recollect the boy you saw in your dream.

Which animal is a symbol of innocence?

The lamb is a very common symbol of innocence. Again, it’s a creature that is often depicted on Christian paintings as the symbol of purity.

What does a girl symbolize?

Women are the Symbol of Life. The Maker of Unconditional Love. A woman is both Soft and Powerful. … A Woman in her Essence is a Gift to the World.

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