Best answer: What does the name Cathryn mean?

Cathryn as a girl’s name has Greek origins. The meaning of Cathryn is “pure”.

How common is the name Cathryn?

Popularity Score

Name Cathryn
Popularity 1 in 282,650
Letter count 7
Syllable count 2
Year first discovered 1910

What does Cathryn mean in Hebrew?

Pure. For more information in Hebrew, click here.

What does the name Troi mean?

The name Troi is of Irish origin. The meaning of Troi is “foot soldier”. Troi is used as both a boys and girls name.

Is Kitty short for Catherine?

Kitty or Kittie is an Irish feminine given name, derived from Catherine or Katherine. It is also a diminutive form of Kathy, Katey, and Karen.

Is Kate short for Catherine?

Kate is a feminine given name. It is a short form of multiple feminine names, most notably Katherine but also Caitlin and others.

Is Kathy a biblical name?

Kathy is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Greek. Kathy name meanings is A familiar form of katherine, kathlee.

What does Katrina mean biblically?

MEANING : Brave ruler, Eve.. Maria. MEANING : Bitter. Names Blog. Christian Names Blog.

What is the biblical name of Catherine?

There are not actually any characters in the Bible named Katherine. However, the name has a rich Christian historical heritage, and likely originated with the Greek word “katharos”, which was translated as “pure” or “clean” in the New Testament.

Is Catherine a biblical name?

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Word/name Greek
Other names

What nickname is Kitty for?

Kitty is a generally nickname for Katherine, and its variants. As a nickname, it is not limited to girls named Katherine, Catherine or variations, but may be given to a child for many reasons, such as being tiny, cute, cuddly and affectionate like a kitten.

What does kitty mean in Irish?

In Irish Baby Names the meaning of the name Kitty is: Pure. Clear. From the Gaelic form Caitlin.

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