Best answer: What name means respect?

Aryak An honourable Noble; Respected Person Boy
Aryaki Respected; Honoured Boy
Auguste Latin- August; Dignified; Holy; Worthy of Respect; Great; Magnificent; A form of name Augusta Girl
Aureo A respectable being; they are golden haired Boy

What boy name means respect?

184 Baby Boy Names That Mean Respect

Aaradhay Regard; sentiment of affection; esteem; respect Boy
Aariz the one who is a respectable man, intelligent, the one who leads Boy
Aasaithambi Power of Self Respect Boy
Aasamana Power of Self Respect Boy

What names mean honor?

Along with Nora and Jude, other names that mean honor in the US Top 1000 include Arya, Brian, Cleo, Esme, Gloria, Judah, Keilani, and Timothy. Honorable names with untapped potential include Athalie, Cadogan, Sadako, and Zuko. Honor is a strong sentiment to imbue in your child through his or her name.

What boy name means dignity?

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Name Gender Meaning
Aadishri (आदिश्री) Girl Exalted dignity
Abroo Boy Honour; fame; dignit …
Alishan Both dignity / dignified
Behfar Boy Dignified

What boy name means Honor?

156 Baby Boy Names That Mean Honour

Adoff A noble or honourable wolf German
Adolph A kind and honourable wolf German
Adoniram My Lord is of high esteem and honour Biblical
Adstan A noble stone, honourable stone English
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What girl name means Honor?

65 Baby Girl Names That Mean Honour

Abru An honour or the dignity of a person Persian
Adaleigh One who is honourable and full of morals German
Adaly In German it means honourable. In Hebrew it means ornamental shine German,Hebrew
Addalla A kind and noble honourable person German

Is Honor an Irish name?

The Irish surname Honor was, in most instances, an Anglicization of the Irish Gaelic O hEoghanain; however, it is also thought to have derived from O hUaithnin, sharing the same origin as Honeen, and O’Huonyn.

What name means strong?

15 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean ‘Strength’

  • Brianna. This Celtic baby name for girls means “strong.” Call her Bri for short. …
  • Ethan. It means “strong,” “firm” and “long-lived,” so it’s basically the ideal moniker for your tenacious little guy. …
  • Matilda. Remember Roald Dahl’s Matilda? …
  • Liam. …
  • Aila. …
  • Griffin. …
  • Valentina. …
  • Kwan.

What is a strong boy name?

These are our top 100 powerful boy names related to strength.

  • Abelardo. Abelardo means noble and strong. …
  • Abiri. A name of Hebrew origin, Abiri means my strength, my hero. …
  • Absko. Absko is a masculine boy name of Kenyan origin. …
  • Adir. …
  • Aimilios. …
  • Alcibiades. …
  • Aldric. …
  • Alexander.

What boy name means pride?

66 Baby Names That Mean Pride

Abhimaan Pride; majestic; magnificent Boy
Abhiman Pride; majestic; magnificent Boy
Abhimanee Full of pride, A variant of Abhimaan Boy
Abhimani Full of Pride; Another Name for Agni who is the eldest son of Lord Brahma Girl
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What boy name means honest?

125 Baby Boy Names That Mean Honest

Adiel Hebrew – ornament of God; Arabic – Being Just, Honest, A variant of name Adil African,Arabic,Hebrew
Akeyla Honest, responsible, morally upright, moral, trustworthy Arabic
Alicio Noble, honest, graceful
Allsun Noble, Honest, Kind English
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