Question: What does the name Jayson mean for a girl?

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Jayson is: a healing.

What does the name Lathan mean for a girl?

According to a user from Missouri, U.S., the name Lathan means “God given or a gift from God”. … A user from Texas, U.S. says the name Lathan is of English origin and means “Farm by the water“.

Can Jayson be a girl name?

From Google search: Jason is the most common spelling; however, there are many variant spellings such as Jaison, Jayson, and Jacyn. Jay and Jace are the common diminutives. A feminine name that sounds similar is Jacin, derived from the Portuguese-Spanish name Jacinta or the Anglicized version Jacinda, meaning Hyacinth.

What does the name Lathan mean biblically?

The meaning of Lathan is “gift of G-d”.

Is Lathan a common name?

Lathan is the transferred use of a pretty uncommon English surname. As a forename, Lathan is basically an American invention – it follows the hyper-popular trend of using surnames as first names.

How old is the name Jordan?

It thus became popular as a first name. The Germanic name Jordanes, which was the name of a 6th-century Gothic historian, may have popularised the name as well.

Jordan (name)

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Pronunciation /ˈdʒɔːrdən/ (jor-den)
Gender Unisex (originally a male given name)
Word/name Hebrew through Greek
Meaning Descend or flow down

Is Jason a black name?

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name JASON is 79.0% White, 4.7% Hispanic origin, 11.7% Black, 2.6% Asian or Pacific Islander, 1.5% Two or More Races, and 0.6% American Indian or Alaskan Native.

What does Jaden mean in English?

Meaning of Jaden

Jaden means “thankful”, “God has heard” or “he will judge”, “whom God has judged” (from Jadon).

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1 James 3,196,385
2 Robert 1,558,407
3 John 1,468,377

What does Jason mean in Irish?

Answer. Jason in Irish is Iasón.

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