Question: What does the name Petter mean?

Dutch: occupational name for someone who pumped water, from an agent derivative of Middle Dutch putten, pitten, petten ‘to draw water’. …

Where does the name Petter come from?

The surname Petter is derived from the personal name Peter. This is derived from the Latin name Petrus, which in turn comes from the Greek name Petros. The word petros means rock or stone.

What does the name neyda mean?

Neyda meaning and origin

Creative and adventurous Neyda particulary is used in English is of Old English and Hebrew origin is used as a baby girl name. … Neida’s meaning is Leader, Favour and Without Guile is used substantially in Sanskrit and English is of Old English and Hebrew origin.

Is Petter a Swedish name?

Petter Andersson (born 1985), Swedish footballer. Petter Augustsson (born 1980), Swedish footballer. Petter Belsvik (born 1967), Norwegian footballer and coach.

Petter (given name)

Language(s) Norwegian, Swedish
Name day 29 June (Norway)
Region of origin Scandinavia
Other names

What does the name Jabare mean?

The name Jabari is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means Fearless.

How old is the name Peter?

Meaning & History

Due to the renown of the apostle, this name became common throughout the Christian world (in various spellings). In England the Normans introduced it in the Old French form Piers, which was gradually replaced by the spelling Peter starting in the 15th century [1].

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What is Peter in Swedish?

Swedish: Peter, Petter, Peder, Per, Pehr, Pär, Pelle, Pälle (Note: The Biblical Peter is translated as “Petrus”.)

How do you spell Peter in Norwegian?

Per Eberhard Cogell (1734–1812), Swedish artist. Per Collinder (1890–1975), Swedish astronomer. Per Dalin (1936–2010), Norwegian educationalist.

Per (given name)

Region of origin Scandinavia
Other names
Related names Peter, Peer, Pär, Pedro, Pierre, Piotr, Petra, Piers, Peder
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