Quick Answer: What does the name Cleopas mean?

Etymology. Some writers claim that the name Clopas in John 19:25 (“Mary of Clopas” Κλωπᾶς) is a Hellenized form of a claimed Aramaic name Qlopha (קלופא), and that Cleopas’ name (Κλεόπας) is an abbreviated form of “Cleopatros”, a Greek name meaning “glory of the father” (best known in the feminine form Cleopatra).

What does the biblical name Cleopas mean?

The name Cleopas is a boy’s name meaning “glory to the father”. Sharing an etymology with Cleopatra, this masculine form of the name also has biblical ties. Cleopas was one of the men who encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus following his resurrection.

Was Cleopas the uncle of Jesus?

According to Emmerich, Cleophas was one of Joachim’s chief shepherds. … As for this other Cleophas, Emmerich identifies him as “a grandson of Mary Cleophas’ paternal uncle” (Life of Jesus Christ, p. 378). So that would make him the grandson of the brother of the Cleophas who married the sister of the Virgin Mary.

How did Cleopas recognize Jesus?

Cleopas is named in verse 18, while his companion remains unnamed. This occurs three days after the crucifixion on the same day Jesus had his resurrection. … When he breaks the bread “their eyes were opened” and they recognize him as the resurrected Jesus.

What kind of name is cleophus?

Cleophus means “vision of glory” and is a boy’s name that comes from the Greek name Cleophas.

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Who were Cleopas sons?

Mary of Cleophas married Alphaeus, and their children included three Apostles: Jude Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot, and James the Less.

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