Quick Answer: What does the name Halia mean?

Meaning:remembrance of a loved one. Halia as a girl’s name is of Hawaiian origin meaning “remembrance of a loved one”.

How do you pronounce Halia in Hawaiian?

as a girls’ name is pronounced ha-LEE-ah. It is of Hawaiian origin, and the meaning of Halia is “remembrance of a loved one”.

What does Halia mean in Greek?

Halie or Halia (Ancient Greek: Ἁλίη or Ἁλία Haliê means ‘the dweller in the sea’ or ‘the briney’) is the name of the following characters in Greek mythology: Halie, the “ox-eyed” Nereid, sea-nymph daughter of the ‘Old Man of the Sea’ Nereus and the Oceanid Doris.

What does the name Nabin mean?

Nabin is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Nabin name meanings is New.

What does halea mean in Hawaiian?

A user from Belgium says the name Halea is of Hawaiian origin and means “Salutations”.

What name means remembrance?

November Baby Names:

Remembrance Day is certainly worthy of honouring with your child’s name. Many would be partial to Poppy for a girl, but more unusual choices include Una, a Native American name meaning “remember”; and the Hawaiian name Halia, which means “remembrance of a loved one”.

What is the meaning of nobin?

Wikipedia. NOBIN. NOBIN (2-amino-2′-hydroxy-1,1′-binaphthyl) is an organic molecule used for asymmetric catalysis. NOBIN is related to BINOL and other analogs by both having a chiral axis and being a scaffold for certain chemical reactions.

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What is the meaning of Nabin in Nepali?

नेपाली नाम | Nepali girl name Nabin means New, novel; New beginnings.

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