Quick Answer: What does the name Taiyo mean?

The name Taiyo is a boy’s name of Japanese origin meaning ‘sun’.

What does the Japanese name Taiyo mean?

Taiyō is the romanization for some Japanese words, such as 太陽 for sun and 大洋 for ocean.

Is Taiyou a girl name?

Taiyou – female unisex name meanings | Japanese Names .

What does Taio mean?

Meaning of the name Taio

The name Taio is a spelling variaiton of Tao and it means ‘peach’, ‘long life‘ or ‘large waves’

Is Aiko a boy or girl?

Aiko (あいこ, アイコ) is a unisex Japanese given name. Aiko or Ayko is also a traditional male given name in Scandinavia and especially northern Germany. In Germany it is considered one of the old “gentry names”. It is a variation of the name Ekke or Eike.

Is Akari a girl or boy name?

Akari | 丹李

Akari is a girl’s name. With these kanji, its meaning is “red plum.” There are other ways to write it, and it could even be spelled phonetically with hiragana or katakana.

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