What does the name Abbey mean?

Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:4174. Meaning:father of exaltation. Abbey as a girl’s name (also used as a boy’s name), is related to the Hebrew name Abigail. The meaning of Abbey is “father of exaltation”.

What does Abbey mean in the Bible?

Hebrew Baby Names Meaning:

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Abbey is: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was Old Testament King David’s third wife, described as ‘good in discretion and beautiful in form.

What is the origin of the name Abbey?

English: from Middle English abbeye, abbaye (Old French abeie, Late Latin abbatia ‘priest’s house’), applied as a topographic name for someone living in or near an abbey, or an occupational name for someone working in one.

Is Abbey a unisex name?

The first thing you should know if you are considering Abbey for your baby’s name is that in most countries all over the world the name Abbey is a unisex name, used as a boy name and a girl name.

Can Abbey be a boy name?

Abbey is rarely used as a baby name for boys. It is not listed in the top 1000 names. Abbey has mostly been a girl name in the past century.

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Is Abbey in the Bible?

The Abbey Bible now resides at the J.

Abbey Bible
Date 1250-1262
Place of origin Bologna
Illuminated by Unknown
Previously kept Ascoli Piceno, Major John Roland

Abbey has been used in the United States ever since 1914, with over 17635 girls given the name in the past 200 years. Abbey gained the most popularity as a baby name in 1981, when it’s usage went up by 139.13%. During this year, 383 babies were named Abbey, which was 0.0113% of the baby girls born in the USA that year.

Is Abbey an English name?

The name Abbey is primarily a female name of English origin that means Nunnery.

Is Abbey an Irish name?

Abbey in Irish is Abaigh.

Is Abby a girl name?

It’s a gender-neutral name but more often given to girls; for boys, it’s often a nickname for names like Abelardo or Abbott. While Abigail enjoys life from her Top 25 perch, Abby has a more modest baby-name ranking. JUMP TO: Famous Abbys.

Is Abbey a common name?

It’s definitely more everyday and informal when compared to Abigail; Abbey is a name for the casual, laid-back types. Depending on your preference, Abby is the most popular spelling in the U.S., followed by the sweetly old-fashioned Abbie, and in last place we have your sturdy little Abbey.

Can Abigail be a mans name?

Boy or Girl? Gender Popularity of the Name “Abigail” Abigail: It’s a girl! Since 1880, we have no record of any boys being named Abigail while 294,473 girls were named Abigail.

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