What does the name ahkeem mean?

Meaning:intelligent. Ahkeem as a boy’s name is of Arabic origin meaning “intelligent”.

What does Akeem mean in the Bible?

What does the name Akeem mean? … Meaning of Akeem: Name Akeem in the Arabic, Hebrew origin, means Arabic – Wise; Hebrew – Yahweh will establish; Established by Yahweh ; A derivative of name Hakim.

What does Akeem mean in African?

The meaning of the name “Akeem” is: “Wise or insightful”. Categories: African American Names, African Names, American Names.

Who is Akim in the Bible?

Akim is a Russian form of the Hebrew name Joachim, which has a Biblical connection. The name appears as an ancestor of Jesus Christ.

Who is Eliud in the Bible?

Eliud (biblical figure), son of Achim in the bible, Matthew 1:14.

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