What does the name Leia mean for a girl?

The name Leia has a few different variations and meanings. In Hebrew, it means “weary,” though it could also be translated as “languid, relaxed.” In Hawaiian, it means “child of heaven” or “heavenly flowers.” In Assyrian, it means “mistress.” And in Latin, it means “lioness.”

What does Leia mean in the Bible?

Leia is the ancient Biblical Greek spelling of Leah (Λεια), a name borne from the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament as the elder sister of Rachel and the first wife of Jacob (Genesis 29:1-30). Her name means “languid, relaxed” in Hebrew.

What does the name Lea mean for a girl?

Meaning:delicate; weary; meadow or pasture. Lea as a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name Lea), is a variant of Leah (Hebrew) and Lee (Old English), and the meaning of Lea is “delicate; weary; meadow or pasture”.

Where did the name Leia come from?

Leia as a girl’s name has Hawaiian origins. The meaning of Leia is “child of Heaven; Heavenly flowers”. Is related to the name Leah.

Is Leia a pretty name?

Leia is a cute name, but Star Wars has ruined this name! It’s a cool name, mostly because of the Star Wars association. Sadly, the association makes it awkward to use for a child, and feels like copying if used writing, so it’s kind of unusable.

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Is Leia a real name?

An English form of Leah. The name probably has its origin in a Hebrew word, meaning “weary”, an Assyrian name, meaning “mistress” or a Latin name, meaning “lioness”. Princess Leia was a character in the “Star Wars” series of films.

What does the name Padme mean?

Meaning:lotus. Padme as a girl’s name is of Persian origin meaning “lotus”. It comes from the Tibetan chant, “Om Mani Padme Hum”, meaning “the jewel is in the lotus”.

What is Lea a nickname for?

The name Lea is a girl’s name of English origin meaning “meadow; weary“. While traditionally pronounced as a homonym for Lee, Glee actress Lea Michele pronounces her name like Leah, and it may also rhyme with Freya.

Does Lea mean lioness?

Meaning of Léa

Besides, Léa means “cow” (from Accadian “littu”) or “lioness” (according to the name Leo). An Assyrian meaning is “ruler” or “mistress”.

What is Leah short for?

Leah/Lea is a name on it’s own. As is “lee” but I understand wanting that short for something. “Lia” could be short for Amelia, Malia, Natalia, Magnolia, Cecelia, Aurelia, etc.

Is Leia a biblical name?

Origin: Leia originally stems from the Greek Old Testament and is another form of the biblical name Leah. Gender: Leia is most often used as a girl’s name.

What does Leia mean in Japanese?

That is the name Leia (when pronounced le-ah) in Japanese katakana is レア with the romaji rea. The standard way that names are translated to Japanese is with katakana. … The name Leia means “Delicate” which in kanji is 優美 which is read yuubi.

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