What does the name Levitt mean?

The derivation is from the word ‘louet,’ meaning a wolf cub.

What does the name Leavitt mean?

The name Leavitt is primarily a male name of English origin that means Wolf Cub.

Is Leavitt a German name?

Leavitt is an Anglo-Norman surname variant and may refer to: Abby Fisher Leavitt (1836–1897), American social reformer. Rev.

How do you spell Levitt?

English: variant spelling of Leavitt.

What does the name Chatelain mean?

English and French (Châtelain): status name for the governor or constable of a castle, or the warder of a prison, from Norman Old French chastelain (Latin castellanus, a derivative of castellum ‘castle’).

What kind of last name is Leavitt?

(of Norman origin) nickname from Anglo-Norman French leuet ‘wolf cub’ (see Low 3). habitational name from any of the various places in Normandy called Livet.

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