What does the name Megan mean in English?

Meghan is a girl’s name meaning “pearl” that is related to the Greek name Margaret and the Welsh name Megan.

What does the name Megan mean in the Bible?

Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Meghan

Meg, in turn, is the Scottish pet form of Margaret which ultimately comes from a Hebrew word meaning “pearl” (margaron).

What does Megan name mean?

Meaning of the name Megan

A diminutive of Margaret from the Greek ‘margarites‘ meaning ‘pearl’. Its Greek roots can also mean ‘great’ and ‘mighty’.

Does the name Megan mean strong?

In Anglo-Saxon Baby Names the meaning of the name Megan is: Strong and capable.

What does the name Megan mean in different languages?

Megan is used chiefly in the English, Irish, and Welsh languages. It is derived from Old Greek origins. The name means great and mighty. In addition, Megan is a diminutive of the name Margaret (English and Scottish) in the English, Irish, and Welsh languages. … Megan is rather popular as a baby girl name.

Is Megan a rare name?

Megan was one of the most popular girls’ names in the English-speaking world in the 1990s, peaking in 1990 in the United States and 1999 in the United Kingdom. Approximately 54 percent of people named Megan born in the US were born in 1990 or later.

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Is Megan a French name?

The name Megan is a girl’s name of Welsh origin meaning “pearl“. Megan originally evolved from Meg, which itself derived as a nickname for Margaret. Margaret ultimately comes from the Greek word margarites, meaning “pearl.” Megan is no longer a common nickname for Margaret—it is most often used as a full name.

What is the Spanish name for Megan?

Megan in Spanish is Megan.

What does Megan mean spiritually?

Megan means ” mighty, victorious,Pearl, spirit“.

What does the name Megan mean in Greek?

The name Megan is of Greek origin. The meaning of Megan is “pearl”. Megan is generally used as a girl’s name.


Megan (feminine)
Year Rank Percent Used
2020 #637 0.026
2019 #609 0.027
2018 #546 0.030

How old is the name Megan?

It is recorded in 1547 as Megen [5]. It has been spelled variously — and incorrectly — Meghan, Meagan, Meaghan, Meegan, Maygan. The name became popular in Britain in the early 20th century when Lloyd-George became Prime Minister.

Where does the name Negan come from?

According to 3 people from Norway and the United States, the name Negan is of Arabic / Irish origin and means “Strong”.

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