What does the name Myra mean in English?

Myra is derived from the Sanskrit language which literally means sweet, admirable and extraordinary.

What does the name Myra mean for a girl?

The name Myra is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means Behold.

What does the name Myra stand for?

Meaning:myrrh. Myra as a girl’s name is of Greek origin meaning “myrrh”. It is a feminine form of Myron. It is a poetic and literary invention in the 17th century, and used as a given name since the 19th century.

Myra has been a long-used name in the United States, dating as far back on the charts as the government has been tracking naming trends (1880). In fact, 1880 was Myra’s best year ever – almost a Top 150 favorite girl’s name.

What is a nickname for Myra?

Nickname – Myra

Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Myra – Mymy, Mimi, My, Rara, Myru, M Y R A.

Does Myra mean moon?

Baby Name Myra meaning and Astrology. Myra Meaning: Poetic invention. … In Moon sign based Vedic Astrology, person with name Myra are with own uniqueness.

What does Mayra mean in Spanish?

Meaning of Mayra

Mayra means “wonderful” in Spanish, “fortune” (from ancient Greek “moíra/μοίρα”), “myrrh” (from Myra) and “sea of bitterness”, “drop of the sea”, “star of the sea”, “rebelliousness”, “exalted one” and “wished for child” (from Mary).

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Is Myra an Irish name?

Origin of the name Myra:

Some believe it to be a variant of the Irish Moyra; an anagram of Mary; a borrowing of the name of a seaport in ancient Lycia; or from the Latin myrrha (myrrh).

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