What does the name Orit mean?

Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:12272. Meaning:light. Orit as a girl’s name is of Hebrew origin meaning “light”.

How do you pronounce the name Orit?

Orit – Meaning of Orit

[ syll. o-rit, or-it ] The baby girl name Orit is pronounced as AORIHT †. Orit’s language of origin is Hebrew and it is also predominantly used in Hebrew.

Who is Orit?

Orit is: The Beta Israel name for the Octateuch, which is the set of scriptures used in Ethiopian Jewish synagogues – the Orit comprises the Torah plus the Book of Joshua, the Book of Judges, and the Book of Ruth. A Hebrew language given name, אורית.

What does the name aubri mean for a girl?

Aubri as a girl’s name is related to the Old German name Aubrey. The meaning of Aubri is “elf or magical being”.

Where does the name Orit come from?

The name Orit is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “light”.

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