What does the name promise mean for a girl?

She’s a borderline virtue name with deep-seated meaning, giving hope to those around her. …

Is Promise a good name?

As a female given name, Promise is a pretty modern coinage. It is also fairly uncommon. When it comes to “virtue” names, Promise has not enjoyed the same longevity or popular usage as, say, names like Patience and Prudence. … The name was ranked #1121 in 2013 and doled out to just over 200 baby girls.

Is Promise a girl name?

Promise as a boy’s name is of English origin. The name Promise literally refers to the English word.

What name means promise of God?

The name Amaris is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Promised By God.

What name means promise?

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Name Gender Meaning
Bachan Boy Promise
Bachan (बचन) Boy Promise
Bachanbir Boy Brave Promise
Bachanmeet Boy Friendly Promise

How do you spell the name Promise?

Promise p-romi-se, pr(o)-mise as a boy’s name. similar baby names are aramis, price and prime.

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