What does the name Raymund mean?

Origin:German. Popularity:11132. Meaning:protecting hands. Raymund as a boy’s name is related to the Old German name Raymond. The meaning of Raymund is “protecting hands”.

Where does the name Raymund come from?

English and French: from the Norman personal name Raimund, composed of the Germanic elements ragin ‘advice’, ‘counsel’ + mund ‘protection’. Americanized spelling of German Raimund, a cognate of 1.

Is Raymond a Hispanic name?

Foreign variants of Raymond include Ayman (French), Monchi (Spanish), Mondo (Spanish), Mundo (Spanish), Raimondo (Italian and Spanish), Raimund (German), Raimundo (Portuguese and Spanish), Rajmund (Czech and Polish), Ramon (Spanish), Ramón (Spanish), Ramundo (Spanish), Raymundo (Portuguese and Spanish), Reamonn (Irish) …

What does Inan mean in Arabic?

What is the meaning of Inan ? Inan is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Inan name meanings is A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid.

What is Jace short for?

Jace or Jase is a masculine given name, often a shortened version of Jason, and more rarely a surname.

Is Jace a cool name?

Jace has several alternative spellings including Jase and Jayce, though Jace is by far the most popular. Even when all variants are tallied together, Jace avoids oversaturation on the playground and remains a cool pick for parents to use.

Is Jace a biblical name?

The name Jace is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord is salvation”. Jace may sound like only half a name — it’s usually pronounced like the first half of Jason though some may consider it a spelling-out of the initials J. C. — but it’s a popular choice for baby boys. Jace is a Hebrew name for boys.

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