What female name means truth?

Alethea Truthful One, Honest Girl
Alethia Truthful, Truthfulness Girl
Alette Verity, truth, reality, actuality Girl
Alice Truth, gracious, reality Girl

What name means truth?

‘Verity’ is a female name of Latin and English origins, meaning “the truth” or simply “truth.” In the 17th century, the Puritans had adopted several virtue names, one of which was Verity.

What name means speaker of truth?

308 Baby Names That Mean Truth

Alvaro The noble guardian with an elf army who is the speaker of truth and is cautious, bold and a planner Spanish
Alveera The name stands for originality and perseverance and is a speaker of truth despite obstacles

What girl name means honest?

96 Baby Girl Names That Mean Honest

Alethea Truthful One, Honest Greek
Aletheia Honesty,
Aletia Honest, candid, sincere Spanish
Alicah Noble; Kind, Honest

Is truth a girls name?

Truth as a girl’s name is an uncommon Puritan virtue name meaning “truth”.

What name means liar?

Names Meaning Deceit or Liar

Name: Gender: Origin:
Anwir Masculine Liar, English
Cozbi Feminine Liar getting away, Israeli
Dolion Masculine Deceitful, Greek
Jaakobah Masculine Deceiver, Israeli

What boy name means seeker?

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Name Gender Meaning
Aniveshak Boy One who finds seeker
Anveshak Boy Seeker
Brahmacharini Girl Seeker Of Brahman
Brahmcharini Girl Seeker of Brahman
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What name means Honor?

Along with Nora and Jude, other names that mean honor in the US Top 1000 include Arya, Brian, Cleo, Esme, Gloria, Judah, Keilani, and Timothy.


  • Origin: Breton.
  • Meaning: “honor”
  • Description: Unusual Honor or Nora alternative, but we prefer the originals.

What name means strong?

15 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean ‘Strength’

  • Brianna. This Celtic baby name for girls means “strong.” Call her Bri for short. …
  • Ethan. It means “strong,” “firm” and “long-lived,” so it’s basically the ideal moniker for your tenacious little guy. …
  • Matilda. Remember Roald Dahl’s Matilda? …
  • Liam. …
  • Aila. …
  • Griffin. …
  • Valentina. …
  • Kwan.
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