What is meaning of Rabia name?

An Arabic, female name (Rābiʿah رابعة) meaning “Spring” or “Fourth Female”

What is the lucky number of Rabia?

The name is originated from Arabic. The lucky number of Rabia name is 8.

Rabia Name Meaning.

Name Rabia
Lucky Number 8
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Is Rabia a Indian name?

Name Rabia is of Indian origin, and it generally means Famous or Godly. Name Rabia is shared across persons, who are either Muslim or Hindu by religion.

What does Rabiya mean in Arabic?

What is the meaning of Rabiya ? Rabiya is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Rabiya name meanings is Spring, springtime, garden, Princess, Queen fem of Rabi.

What is the lucky number of Fatima name?

Fatimah name meaning is Variant Of Fatima. Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad, One Of Four Perfect Women Mentioned In The Koran. The Other Three Were Aisha, Khadijah, And Mary..

Fatimah Name Meaning.

Name Fatimah
Lucky Number 4
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Thursday, Tuesday

What type of name is Rabia?

Rabia or Rabiah is the transliteration of two Arabic names written differently in Arabic text however they may be written similarly in the Latin script: … An Arabic, female name (Rābiʿah رابعة) meaning “Spring” or “Fourth Female”

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What does Ramiz mean in Arabic?

Ramiz or Rameez, (Arabic: رامز‎) meaning “one who communicates well” , is an Arabic male given name. Rameez, meaning wise noble or intelligent.

What does the name Raia mean?

topographic name from Sicilian raia ‘smilax’ (a climbing shrub). from Sicilian raja ‘ray’, ‘skate’ (the fish), presumably a nickname for someone thought to resemble the fish or a metonymic occupational name for a fisherman or fish seller. from Arabic rayah ‘flag’.

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