What is the meaning of the name inna?

In ancient times, Inna had the meaning “fast river” or “sparkling water”. Besides, Inna means “innocent” (from Innocentia) and “peace” (from Irene).

What does Inna mean in Greek?

One, Inna (or Inessa) are a feminine form of Innokentiy, which means “innocent“. Two, it’s derived from Greek name Hagne, which means “pure”.

What does INA mean in texting?

The word ina is used in Acronym, Slang, Internet, Texting, Malaysian, Filipino, Indonesian meaning I’m not a,in a,mother.

What kind of name is Lyudmyla?

Ludmila or Ludmilla is a female given name of Slavic origin. It consists of two elements: lud (“people”) and mila (“dear, love”). Because the initial L is mostly soft (palatalized), it is sometimes also transcribed Lyudmila, Rudmila, Lyudmyla or Ljudmila, and is written as Ľudmila in Slovak.

How do you write Inna in Hebrew?

Meaning of the name – Inna

  1. English Name: Inna.
  2. Hebrew Name: אִינָה
  3. Meaning:
  4. Gematria Value: 66.
  5. Numerological Value: 3.
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