What is the meaning of the name Ivana?

Ivana as a girl’s name is of Czechoslovakian, Slavic and Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious”. It is a feminine form of Ivan, from John.

Is Ivana a biblical name?

Ivana is a Slavic variant of the biblical name Johanna.

What does Ivana mean?

Meaning. Gift from God, gift from the heavens, very small, precious. Ivana (Serbian: Ивана) is a feminine given name of Slavic origin that is also popular in southern Ireland, France, French-speaking Canada, the Mediterranean and Latin America.

How common is the name Ivana?

Ivana Name Popularity

Year Rank % Births
2017 1,053 0.0115%
2018 1,054 0.0111%
2019 1,002 0.0126%
2020 1,050 0.0143%

Is Ivana a Hindu name?

It is an Indian male name, used in Hindu religion., The name means The one who is full of life. It is an Indian male name, used in Hindu religion. A variant of Ivana, meaning the gift of Yahweh.

What nationality is Ivan?

The name Ivan is primarily a male name of Russian origin that means God Is Gracious. Slavic form of the name John.

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