What Japanese name means harmony?

KAZUE (一恵): Japanese name meaning “branch; first blessing; harmonious.” KAZUKO (1-和子, 2-一子): Japanese name meaning 1) “harmonious/peaceful child” or 2) “only child.” KAZUMI (和美): Japanese name meaning “harmonious beauty.”

What name means harmony?

1. Alana/Alaina: Meaning “harmony,” this pretty name lends itself to plenty of spelling variations if you want to give it an original twist. 2.

What is a Japanese name that means joy?

ETSUKO meaning “child of joy” (悦子) – Japanese girl name. FUMIKO meaning “child of abundant beauty” (富美子) – Japanese girl name.

What Japanese name means moonlight?

Tsuki (Japanese origin) means “moon or lunar”.

What Japanese name means lively?

Genki — It means ‘the lively or cheerful one’. Haruto — This is one of the cool Japanese names.

Is Harmony a unique name?

The name Harmony did not show up on the U.S. popularity charts until 1975, so if it was used prior to this date, it was so rare that it didn’t make the charts (meaning less than 0.01% of parents bestowed this name on their daughters). … Harmony (like her sisters Melody and Cadence) is a musically inspired name.

Is Harmony a unisex name?

The name Harmony is a girl’s name of Greek origin.

What is the prettiest Japanese name?

Beautiful Japanese Baby Names

  • Aika – This cute girls name means “love song”.
  • Aimi – Japanese name meaning “love, beauty”.
  • Aina – Japanese name meaning “beautiful eyed woman”.
  • Akemi – This Japanese name means “bright beautiful”.
  • Anzu – Japanese name meaning “sweet child”.
  • Asami – Japanese name meaning “morning beauty”.
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What is the Japanese name for full moon?

The Moon has been called by various names in Japanese since early times. Based on the lunar calendar, the Moon on the first day is called “Shingetsu” (new Moon), the third day “Mikazuki” (crescent) and the fifteenth day “Juugoya no Tsuki“. The fifteenth day Moon is often the full Moon.

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