What name means good health?

Arnie: this name comes from the old English name Arnold, meaning ‘ruler as strong as an eagle’, but we love the shorter version by itself. Valentino: meaning ‘strong and healthy.

What names mean positive?

Baby names with positive meanings

  • Alisa. Meaning: Great happiness. …
  • Allegra. Meaning: Joyous. …
  • Beatrix. Meaning: She who brings happiness. …
  • Blythe. Meaning: Happy, carefree. …
  • Chara. Meaning: Joy. …
  • Esme. Meaning: Esteemed, beloved. …
  • Helena. Meaning: Bright, shining one. …
  • Laetitia. Meaning: Gladness, happiness.

What names mean nurturing?

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Name Gender Meaning
Bagira Boy Loving; Nurturing
Deitra Girl Nurturing earth
Demitria Girl Nurturing earth
Dimitra Girl Nurturing earth

What boy name means life?

Boy Names That Mean Life

  • Anastasius, Greek, means “rebirth” or “resurrection”
  • Ankur, Hindi, means “new life”
  • Beathan, Scottish Gaelic, means “life”
  • Bion, Ancient Greek, means “life”
  • Can, Turkish, means “life” or “soul”
  • Caner, Turkish, means “brave man’s life”
  • Chaim, Hebrew, means “life”
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